Flight attendant shares the things to avoid at all costs during hotel stays

Flight attendant shares the things to avoid at all costs during hotel stays
Attempted Hotel Room Entry With Special Tool

A flight attendant on TikTok has opened up about what not to do when visiting hotels.

In a viral clip posted to the platform, user @t_marie_the_fa_bartender shared a handful of invaluable tips that most people probably haven't ever considered.

Her first tip was to not use the provided shower products unless they've been secured. She claimed she had heard horror stories about people refilling with "crazy things" such as hair removal cream.

She went on to tell people to avoid using some coffee machines as they're difficult to clean out, along with the cups that are not wrapped in plastic.

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The hotel ice bucket is also a big no-no. "I’ve heard people have done the unmentionables in those, so just use the little plastic bag," she told her 13,000 viewers.

The TikToker concluded with advice to take an anti-bacterial spray to give furniture and other items a clean down.


Lets talk about what not to do FA style! Im giving some tips! What else do ya’ll want to know #hotel #traveltiktok #dontdoit #flightattendant #blackflightattendants #nonrevlife #travellife #hotelsecrets

One fellow TikToker advised in the comments to also take "wipes and ziplock bags for remote".

Meanwhile, a second urged people to buy a camera detector. "Insane how many cameras are hidden. They are cheap on Amazon," they wrote – and they're not the first person to highlight this.

One woman recently advised people to "always listen to their super paranoid friends" after having a suspicion about their holiday rental. And they were not wrong.

Kennedy (@kennedyallegedly) and a group of friends headed to Vancouver to celebrate a birthday. They went on to check "every single shower head, all the picture frames, doorknobs, everywhere in the house for a camera".

When it came to one of the plug sockets in the bathroom, that Kennedy noted did not work, she found a small hidden device pointing directly at the shower.

"You can see in the top here there’s nothing, looks totally normal. And then the bottom one, look at that little camera," she said while zooming into the tiny camera lens.

The woman rang the police, who seemingly confirmed a hidden camera in the property.

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