Are you a rose or a freesia? Here's how to take TikTok’s viral flower dating test

We took the viral TikTok quiz that claims to reveal what type …

What do we love more than a good online quiz? Bizarre Google translations.

It was, therefore, with great delight that we discovered a new dating test that’s gone viral on TikTok, largely thanks to its bizarrely-worded questions.

The FlowerBTI survey tells participants “what kind of flower” their love life represents, with answers ranging from “jana roses” to “mango tulips” to “reeds”, according to streams of TikTokers.

And whilst we’re sure it all makes perfect sense in the website’s original language, Korean. For us English-speakers the translations make for… interesting reading.

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Here’s a look at just a couple of the pretty baffling sections:

How often have you chosen to eat somewhere because it 'smells like a restaurant'?Ktestone

To Take the quiz and discover yourself through a floricultural lens, simply visit the FlowerBTI page on the Ktestone website and hit the “start the test” button.

The page should then ask you in a pop-up if you’d like to read the page in Korean or English before hitting you with the first of 12 questions.

Once you’ve completed them all (or at least tried to, depending on whether or not you’ve managed to figure out what they mean), you’ll be assigned a flower and told some of your key characteristics.

For example, this writer is apparently a “charment rose”, who is “a bit slow by nature” and who “doesn’t have much experience with liking anyone.”

This writer is seriously questioning herself after reading the test's conclusions rKtestone

Here’s a look at another set of findings, courtesy of TikTok:


Replying to @_krapple lol #lostintranslation #translate #personalitytest #greenscreen

Oh, and in case, anyone's wondering, Jeju Island, also known as Jeju-do, is located in the Korean Strait and is famous for its beautiful beaches and fine seafood.

If anyone fancies taking us on a date there, we'd definitely be up for it.

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