Couple's gender reveal slammed for 'forest fire aesthetic'

Couple's gender reveal slammed for 'forest fire aesthetic'
Outrage at couple's explosive gender reveal: 'Forest fire aesthetic'

A couple took to social media to share their gender reveal party, which featured sparks flying into the air close to trees – and people slammed the “forest fire aesthetic.”

The video, shared on TikTok in December 2022, shows a family standing in front of a massive sign that reads “oh baby” adorned with pink and blue balloons.

And in a split moment, a sparkler shower eruption accompanied by a blast of pink smoke and pink confetti cascading into the air, indicating they’re having a baby girl.

Overcome with happiness, the couple can also be seen leaping for joy over their new family member.


However, some people didn’t seem thrilled with the couple’s gender reveal activity, given that it could’ve caused a wildfire.

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One person on TikTok wrote: “Baby announcement or forest fire.”

“All those sparks next to the trees. Genius,” another added, while a third wrote: “Forest fire aesthetic.”

A fourth person wrote: “This could have gone wrong on so many levels.”

Still, others seemed to think the couple’s gender reveal was fun, with one writing: “That’s the coolest reveal ever. I want it.”

The concern from some people about the gender reveal stems from the September 2020 reveal in California, which caused a colossal blaze that destroyed over 10,500 acres of land, killing one firefighter and injuring others.

It started in El Dorado Ranch Park in Yucaipa, San Bernadino County, after a small group of people let off a firework device to emit pink or blue smoke.

The couple was eventually charged with involuntary manslaughter, a felony, other charges in July 2021.

They pleaded not guilty and requested the charges against them be dropped in December 2021 and for a second time in October 2022.

In May 2021, a couple set off an explosive device six miles west of Fort McMurray Forest Protection Area in Alberta, Canada.

CBC News said it was done in an attempt to reveal the baby’s gender but sparked a forest fire that grew to an acre.

One person was said to have been fined $600, the outlet reported.

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