‘Girlcore’ set to be the next biggest interior design trend

‘Girlcore’ set to be the next biggest interior design trend

‘Girlcore’ set to be the next biggest interior design trend


A love of all things feminine such as bows, lace and pink became a trend in the fashion and beauty space last year with the girlcore trend last year, and interior experts believe this will be reflected in people's homes too.

With 190.7M TikTok views, #girlcore went viral in 2023 and now, interior design experts at Plank Hardware predict ‘girlcore’ to be the next big interior design trend for 2024.

An example being a video from Architectural Digest where Euphoria actor Maude Apatow gave tour of her pink NYC apartment starts to go viral on TikTok and has over 274,000 views and counting.

Maude’s NYC kitchen has been described as “classic, feminine chic at its best” and her cabinets are a “light pink that’s easy on the eye” in shade “Setting Plaster” by Farrow and Ball.

Tom Revill, creative director of Plank Hardware said, “Maude’s kitchen is the epitome of ‘girlcore’, with light pink kitchen cabinets, marble countertops and pink velvet chairs. Often with TikTok trends, they start in one particular niche and feed into other industries and we’re already seeing the trend merge into the interior design space.

“After years of minimalism, we’re seeing people move away from the same neutral colour scheme and opting for decor that reflects their own personal style. We’re confident that we’ll see more and more people adopting a ‘girlcore’ approach this year.”


#maudeapatow’s NYC apartment is really for the gurls 🎀 Her cabinets are painted in Farrow and Ball’s “Setting Plaster” and the bedroom is a lime wash called “Dumbo” from Portola Paints #pinkinspo #archdigest #celebhometour

So, how exactly do you jump on the ‘girlcore’ trend?

Tom explained: “To embrace the ‘girlcore’ trend in your home, immerse yourself in a palette of pastel hues, incorporating soft pinks, lilacs and mint greens.

Take inspiration from Maude and try upcycling your kitchen cabinets in a light pink shade, with brass hardware to match, as a warm and elegant finishing touch.

“Texture plays a key role, so introduce cosy elements like velvet cushions and faux fur rugs. Vintage decor also brings character to your living space, scout charity shops and Facebook marketplace for retro furniture or quirky decor pieces.

"Feminine accents like ruffles, lace and bows further enhance the ‘girlcore’ allure. Finally, infuse the space with personal touches – framed photos or cherished trinkets – making it uniquely yours within the girlcore aesthetic.”

For more interior design inspiration, visit the Plank Hardware website.

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