Glastonbury festival goers share break-in videos on TikTok – some are more successful than others

Glastonbury festival goers share break-in videos on TikTok – some are more successful than others
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Every Glastonbury, there is a select group of people who hatch a plan to sneak into the festival without a ticket – and now they’re sharing their break-in attempts on social media.

One TikTok user, Connor McBee, posted a video on Thursday which appeared to show him walking in without a ticket. “The plan is, I’m just gonna walk in bro,” he tells viewers, in a video titled: “How to sneak into Glastonbury.”

“Can you tell I’m nervous?” he asks. “When they ask where my ticket is I’ll say someone on the inside has it.”

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The video then cuts to a security guard handing him an entry lanyard and saying: “Welcome to Glastonbury.”


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The break-in videos come as the legendary music festival gets underway this weekend, with acts including Elton John, Arctic Monkeys, Guns N’ Roses and Cat Stevens on the lineup.

Trying to get into Glastonbury without a ticket has become a rite of passage in itself for some people in past years. In April, Vice reported that there was even a mass WhatsApp group devoted to it in 2022.

Gatecrashers have even been digging Great Escape-style tunnels and using grappling hooks to scale the perimeter walls, according to reports in The Times.

Security staff in watchtowers dotted along the bespoke “super-fortress fence” said that some revellers who entered legitimately were pitching tents against the barrier to hide tunnels that they dug underneath to get friends inside.

“They try to come in under the wall. It’s like The Great Escape but in reverse,” one security worker said.

Another said: “It’s wild.”

Separately, another TikTok user, IndieDylan1, posted a video of him and another man purportedly trying to get into the festival. The video shows the two standing in a wooded area throwing grapple hooks up a hill, apparently trying to get over the wall.

It then cuts to a shot of them in what appears to be a security hut. “Here we are people. Been caught. It’s not looking good” he says to the camera.

The video then pans to a man in a high-vis jacket who is smiling. “Back here again, I’ll put you in a cell myself,” he says.


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Better luck next time lads.

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