Abraham Clinkscales from viral 'Jamal' TikTok meme is not dead

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TikTok's Abraham Clinkscales, behind the 'Jamal did it' meme, has fallen victim to a death hoax.

The news about Clinkscales' so-called death started circulating online with edited photos reading "Jamal shot dead in Houston" and "Famous TikTok star shot dead in Houston" in others.

In reality, he is very much alive and well.

The actor and athlete frequently shares funny posts and videos on his socials, @abedaactor. He first rose to viral fame as part of bizarre satirical 'Who Stole X?' scenario clips.

As described by Know Your Meme, TikTokers pose a crime in which the "culprit is singled out by their race", which they didn't commit. Many of the memes pictured actor Clinkscales. The post sparked backlash on the platform for being "racist."

Now, people are claiming the man behind the meme is dead. And while some are naively buying into it, writing, "Jamal you still live as a meme but to us, you live as a king," others are aware it's just another internet hoax.

"Jamal didn’t die he’s still posting," one penned, while another joked: "Jamal never dies."

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False news is becoming incredibly common on social media – and sometimes, it's difficult to differentiate what's factual.

There are ways to report misinformation across platforms. If you wish to report a tweet on TikTok, you should:

  1. Go to the video you'd like to report
  2. Click the arrow in the bottom right corner
  3. Select ‘Report’ from the options
  4. Choose ‘Misleading’
  5. Click on submit

For Twitter, users should:
  1. Go to the post you’d like to report
  2. Click the icon at the top of the tweet
  3. Select 'Report Tweet'

To report on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the three dots above the post
  2. Select 'Report'

Last, but not least, on Facebook:

  1. Navigate to the post
  2. Tap the top right of the post
  3. Click 'Find Support' or 'Report Post'
  4. Tap the option that best describes how this post goes against Community Standards
  5. Click submit

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