Woman opens up on 'unprofessional' job interview where she was told to cover her shoulders

Woman opens up on 'unprofessional' job interview where she was told to cover her shoulders
@scratchqueenlauren (TikTok/iStock

A job interview has been blasted "extremely unprofessional" after a job seeker went viral on TikTok for sharing her experience.

Lauren (@scratchqueenlauren) lifted the lid on the "worst interview ever" in a lengthy storytime clip that racked up over 20,000 responses.

The interview already got off to a strange start when the hiring manager highlighted that Lauren's shoulders were showing, which she claimed wasn't workplace attire.

Lauren told viewers she "had brought a little blazer with me because it’s a little breezy outside, but it was hot in there," adding: "[My] shoulders were barely showing."

Throughout the interview, Lauren claimed the woman was making "weird commentary" throughout and asking irrelevant questions regarding workplace drama and gossip.

The dynamic took a weirder turn when the interview came to an end and Lauren attempted to shake her hand and thank her for her time.

In response, the interviewer told Lauren not to touch her.

"I didn’t know what to say," Lauren said. "I just put my hand out to shake her hand."

"I’ve never been treated like that before," Lauren continued. "Do you have to ask for consent now to shake somebody’s hand? What the hell?"


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It didn't take long for fellow TikTokers to chime in with their takes, with one writing: "I would have told them to withdraw my application. That is extremely unprofessional. She must be the drama and toxicity of the office."

Another suggested: "Send an email, saying that her treatment of you was shockingly rude and that you're not interested in the position anymore due to that. Name her in the email."

Meanwhile, a third humoured: "I would have smiled and asked her if this was an example of the office toxicity she was referring to so she could see how you handle it."

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