TikToker sparks outrage for telling people to 'get rid of their fat friends'

TikToker sparks outrage for telling people to 'get rid of their fat friends'
TikToker responds to American criticism around what British people call foods

A TikTok user has caused a stir online for urging followers to ditch their "fat friends" if they want to be skinny.

In a recent clip circulating across the platform, Karmalita speaks about the "law of proximity," a belief that falls under social psychology in which you become who you're surrounded by.

The TikToker went on to tell viewers to get rid of their "ugly friends" if they want to be pretty.

"You shouldn't be friends with people based on their levels of attractiveness," she said, adding that it's more about "relatability".

Karmalita continued: "How the hell are you going to relate to the girl that's crying in the corner complaining about her looks when you're sitting here looking like a snack?"

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She then shifted her attention to more problematic takes, in what some have likened to "Andrew Tate-core", telling people: "If you start hanging out with your fat friends too much, all of a sudden it’s gonna be normalized to get Taco Bell at 2 a.m. in the morning."

Thousands of fellow TikTokers flocked to the clip, with one writing: "Hang out with friends who genuinely care about you, make you feel good, ppl who help u grow, make you laugh, friends who don’t judge."

Another added: "Just be friends with people with good vibes that help you grow mentally. Appearance is temporary, but true love and friendship last forever."

Meanwhile, a third hit back: "I'd like to hope friendships go a lot deeper than looks. we relate on life, career etc however there's truth to this in that you become who you're with."

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