'Loch Ness Monster' like sea creature spotted in beach waters

'Loch Ness Monster' like sea creature spotted in beach waters
The Loch Ness Monster might be a giant catfish
Bang Showbiz - Bang Bizarre / VideoElephant

It’s one of the most enduring conspiracy theories in the world, and while there’s no recorded footage of the Loch Ness Monster, people are turning to a clip of a strange sea creature which bears more than a passing resemblance.

A clip was posted by TikTok user Gavin Cox featuring what appears to be a strange ocean creature just off the coast.

The clip has racked up more than 12.3 million views since being posted on November 17, and judging by the comments section it’s got plenty of people believing in sea monsters.

“Can anyone explain what this is? I found Nessy,” the caption reads.

The footage shows what looks like a long, snake-like creature concealed among the breaking waves.



Many users, including Cox, compared the video to the mythical Scottish beast which some still believe resides within Loch Ness in the highlands.

In the comments section, there was much discussion about the video could depict – with some believing it be an oarfish.

“That's gotta be a Kodiak oarfish,” one said.

Some thought differently, with one writing: “No one can convince me an oar fish was always a thing it must've been added on the latest simulation update.”

Another wrote: “It’s a “doomsday” fish (aka: oarfish); they live super deep in the ocean & only surface to die..it’s also said that bad weather/earthquakes follow.”

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