American sparks debate after seeing Love Island roster: 'Why do Brits age so fast?'

American sparks debate after seeing Love Island roster: 'Why do Brits age so fast?'

An American Love Island viewer has sparked a debate after asking why British people "age so fast."

Jack (@jackmacbarstool) turned to TikTok in disbelief after learning the ages of some of this year's Love Islanders.

"All of these women are under the age of 25 years old," he said, before asking: "What is going on across the pond?"

He pondered whether it could be "Botox and filler," before once again reiterating: "What is going on?"

Attention then turned to professional darts player Luke Littler: "He just turned 17. Now, I'm not going to pretend that I'm ageing like an angel, but what is going on?"

He jokingly wondered whether Brits "age fast" because they "start drinking when they're 13," or perhaps, start "smoking cigs outside of a Liverpool club, or outside of a Manchester club."

Jack's clip has already racked up almost two million views in less than a day.

"I need answers," he concluded – and he certainly received just that with thousands of commentators and stitches flooding the platform.


Why do brits age so fast?!?

One person believed it to be down to the lack of UK regulations when it comes to injectables, making them accessible to all: "In the UK you can do a three-day course and inject filler. In Australia, you need to be a nurse. That’s the difference in my opinion."

One American joked: "It’s the bangers and mash."

Meanwhile, a third chimed in: "As a Brit, you’re right about everything."

A fellow TikToker, who grew up in Ireland and now lives in Germany, stitched Jack's clip with her candid opinion.

Kitty (@bbgirlkitty) said one of the reasons is filler influence due to British TV and culture.

"Thirty-year-olds in Ireland or the UK are way more older looking than those in Germany," she said, before launching into the lifestyle and diets of Brits.

"I also think it's the diet – I'm not throwing shade," she said. "From my experience, [Irish people] eat a lot of fast food, a lot of chipper, a lot of burgers, a lot of chicken fillet rolls, a lot of fried food, they drink a lot of soda. They drink a lot, they drink so much."


#stitch w/@Jack Mac | #filler #botox #aging #loveisland #towie

When Kitty relocated to Germany, she recalled being "so surprised" by their healthy lifestyles in comparison.

She concluded by saying that to blame filler is "partially true," but some people are getting "overfilled" which is having the reverse effect and making people look older.

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