Man covers his parents' entire kitchen in peanut butter

Man covers his parents' entire kitchen in peanut butter
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An American teen left TikTok horrified after a jaw-dropping prank on his parents' home went viral across the platform.

TikToker Corbin Millet Pennsylvania is renowned for his string of pranks, often targeting his parent's home by covering it in tin foil and replacing household items with niche objects.

But now, he's taken it to the next level...

In a clip that's racked up almost 40 million views, Corbin shared the kitchen drenched in peanut butter. Everything from the oven, the floor and the countertops was covered in the brown sticky substance.

"All peanut butter was eaten by doggies," the prankster wrote as the caption of the TikTok.

Corbin went on to share footage of his dad's reaction following the bizarre prank. He can be seen furiously running up the stairs yelling: "Corbin! You sick f***! We’re gonna get ants, you d***head!"

Tens of thousands of fellow TikTokers flocked to the unique kitchen makeover, with one saying: "You're getting disowned".

Another joked: "Part 2: My parents covering my coffin in peanut butter."

Meanwhile, a third user suggested an alternative caption, reading: "How to get into FOSTER CARE!!! (REAL)."

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Corbin was said to have carried out the kitchen attack last August, and had uploaded the results to his old TikTok account which is now banned.

He told the New York Post it took seven hours to do, with a staggering 28lbs of peanut butter.

Corbin said his mum was so "pissed" that she left the house when she saw the state of the kitchen. He also revealed that he's been "kicked out a couple of times" as a result of his viral pranks.

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