Man falls asleep during horror movie and wakes up in a locked cinema

The Exorcist: Believer
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A man who fell asleep during a film while at the cinema was shocked to discover he had dozed off for hours and was locked inside the movie theatre.

It wasn't exactly how Jeffrey Bryant ( @hittaa_jeff ) thought his night was going to go when he decided to visit his local AMC theatre in Orange, California on October 29 to watch a late screening (10.05pm) horror film The Exorcist: Believer.

After dozing off during the film the 23-year-old told Insider how he woke thinking it was around midnight when the film (which is two hours and 12 minutes long) had ended.

But in reality, it had finished hours ago and it was actually 3:47am when he woke up - something he realised when he checked his phone.

He then began to film himself walking around the empty cinema where no cinema goers nor staff could be found.

"I fell asleep in the movies and woke up at 3:47 AM not 1 employee on site they closed at 11," the on-screen text read.

"Nobody is in the movie theatre anymore, bro. Nobody," Bryant said in the video and wasn't convinced that anyone attempted to wake him up before shutting down the venue.


I cannot believe this 🙁 #fyp #foryoupage #overslept #movies #stuck #foryou #pissed #lockedin

The TikToker panned to lobby and snack area which still remained lit up but eerily no one was there, Bryant described how he was "kind of in shock" upon discovering he was on his own.

After falling asleep to a horror movie, and arguably waking up in one, Bryant managed to find a way out of the building although the front doors were locked he left via an emergency exit and in doing so set off some alarms.

Since sharing his late-night (albeit unexpected) adventure, Bryant's video went viral with over 1.7m views, 245,000 likes and thousands of comments.

One person said: "I just wanna know what movie had him PASSED OUT so I know to skip that movie."

"Naw, I'm bout to eat all the snacks and see if I can figure out how to turn on a new movie," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "You can hear the sleep in your voice."

"You must’ve had a recliner them seats are dangerous," a fourth person commented.

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