Man appears to find forgotten shopping mall after descending huge secret staircase

Man appears to find forgotten shopping mall after descending huge secret staircase

A man found what appeared to be an abandoned shopping mall after descending a secret, hidden staircase.

The eerie footage of the discovery was shared by the TikTok account @just.backrooms1 and has been viewed almost 12 million times in just a few days.

At the start of the 3-and-a-half-minute clip, a person could be seen filming what appeared to be a small hole in the ground that looked as though it had been previously covered in concrete.

As they placed the camera inside the hole, it revealed a long concrete staircase lined with lights that were still operating.

The person filming said: “What I find really weird is that all the lights are on, so that tells me that there’s still something active here.”

They proceeded to descend the long staircase and, at the bottom, found themselves faced with a single wooden door.

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In a follow-up video, they revealed what they had found behind it as the door led to another room with a rusty metal grate across the next opening.

Focussing on what was beyond the metal bars, they revealed what appeared to be the checkout counter of an old abandoned store.


Backrooms Found in real life😳 Part 2/2 #backrooms #foundfootage #reallife #scary #fürdichseite #foryoupage #part

As the video continued, he filmed through some glass a large atrium of what looks like a shopping mall.

Viewers were left baffled by the “scary” discovery and left comments detailing their theories.

One person commented: “There is no way that is real... it's so scary.”

Another wrote: “What was this or is this used for? My gut says it’s not for anything good!”

It also inspired some hilarious comparisons, as someone said: “Going to the toilet in Wetherspoons.”

One TikToker said: “Looks like the mall in PS1 Tony Hawk.”

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