How to take Multidimensional Anger Test that's gone viral on TikTok

How to take Multidimensional Anger Test that's gone viral on TikTok
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There is always a new quiz that is taking over TikTok and the latest one is the "Multidimensional Anger Test," which can apparently “map your experience of anger along multiple empirical dimensions".

The test itself is from the IDR Labs website and says the quiz draws from the work of Dr Judith M. Siege and tests people's susceptibility to anger.

“Analyses of Siegel’s work have found the test to have good psychometric properties in the form of high validity and test-retest reliability," the website reads.

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"Consequently, the test is frequently used for research purposes and in clinical settings, where it has been shown to be relevant, not just to a person’s anger, but to their physical health and stress responses as well.”

However, the quiz does note the following disclaimer to participants - "The results of our online multidimensional anger test are provided ‘as-is’, and should not be construed as providing professional or certified advice of any kind."

In total, there are 38 questions or statements where there is a slider participants can move depending on to what extent they ‘disagree’ or ‘agree.’

Some examples of this include: "I have met many people who are supposed to be experts who are no better than I," "When I am angry with someone, I let them know," and "Something makes me angry almost every day."

At the end of the quiz, you get the results in the form of a graph where different aspects of anger are measured such as "Anger arousal," "Anger spectrum," "Hostile outlook," "External anger," "Internal anger," and the total score altogether.

While the participants' scores are also compared with the population average so it appears you can see how you compare to the general public.

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