What type of girl are you? How to take the viral TikTok test

Persona: The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests

The latest viral quiz to do the rounds wants to know: What type of girl are you?

These quizzes are starting to dig deep. Are you a soldier, poet or a king? What kind of flower is your love life? It’s funny how we all like to think of ourselves as unique individuals, yet we enjoy nothing more than the good oldfashioned pigeonholing of a personality test. These are just some of the questions many of us find ourselves answering thanks to the joys of social media.

We say "quizzes", because it turns out there are two separate surveys with the same 'what type of girl are you' subject on the popular uQuiz website.

We'll start by looking at the first by AvyGreen, whose answers range from “social butterfly” to “boring”, with “varied”, “curious”, “flawed”, “wild card” and “lover” in between.

We could argue about whether some of these actually classify as character types but hey, semantics isn’t what quiz-takers are here for.

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The eight-part multiple choicer begins by clarifying: “This test is for anyone who classifies as a girl and is in school.”

It then offers an important piece of advice: “Don't take the answers seriously, a quiz does not tell you who you are.”

(Good to clear that one up.)

It goes on to pose questions and scenarios including: “What do you want in life?”; “Your friend spreads a lie about you, what do you do?” and “ Your crush tells you that you're pretty, you…”

Now, let's move on to the second 'What type of girl are you?', by daisymaddisonx in case you aren't happy with your result from the first.

Good news, this one isn't exclusively for school girls, we're told. The intro makes clear that it's "just for fun" which is a helpful reminder to anyone who was planning on adding the findings to their CV.

This one is a nine-parter, with questions ranging from: "What's Your Zodiac Sign?" to "Where would you like to live?" – it even includes a text box at the end "in case you want to chat" or have "anything to say".

This time, you could find yourself as a "star girl", "rain girl", "moon girl", "cloud girl", "sun girl" or "snow girl" – any of which feels less offensive than the "flawed" or "boring" options on quiz number one.

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite, you can take either or both tests yourself by following this uQuiz link.

Just remember, a quiz does not tell you who you are.

Or, at least, not unless you want it to...

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