98-year-old TikTok star goes viral for her views on the afterlife

98-year-old TikTok star goes viral for her views on the afterlife
TikToker Gets Message From Deceased Grandmother In Viral Video

An elderly TikTok star has gone viral after providing some comforting words on death and the afterlife.

Nanny Faye, a great-grandmother from Texas (@nannyfayeandme) received over a million views on a video where she reassured one of her 219,000 followers that there is nothing to be worry about when we die.

"I’m scared of dying and can’t help it. Can you ask her if she is and how to help with that? She’s sweet!" the person asked.

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“Noooo! Why should I be scared? Honey, what’s there to be scared of," Nanny Faye told the user in a video response.

“This is just waiting for that. This [life] is just a little interim time. It’s a blip. It really is not going to amount to a hill of beans hardly… Less than 100 years up to eternity doesn’t even cut it."

The 98-year-old then mentioned how her peaceful outlook derived from her religion, as she referenced how she seeks comfort in what the Bible says about heaven.

“Your faith is to be put in what that Bible says,” she said.

“That Bible presents to you the most marvelous home, the most marvelous place to live and to dwell and to be happy and to be perfect.”


I asked nanny a question that I’ve always wanted to ask but never have..... is she afraid of death?.. #nanny

Nanny Faye - whose TikTok is ran by her great grandson - then noted how life isn't perfect and the worries we have now will no longer affect us after death

"There is going to be perfection. Everything’s going to be lovely,” she said.

"No sickness, no sorrow, no people out of work, no trouble in any direction. People are not going to be fussing and lying and cursing and not sleeping.

"There’s not going to be any of that stuff that worries the tar out of us here."

Since she gave her piece of advice, Nanny Faye's video has received 1.4m views, over 161,000 likes, along with over 8,600 comments from people who praised Faye's positive message.

One person wrote: "We need more of her in this world."

"This is proof why our elders should be cherished!" another person said.

Someone else added: "I wish I thought this way. I have such death anxiety. Bless her."

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