Navy blue bedsheets are TikTok's new 'big red flag'

Navy blue bedsheets are TikTok's new 'big red flag'
Stacey Solomon divides the internet over how often she changes bed sheets

If you’ve ever gone back to a guy’s place and noticed they have navy blue sheets, they’re a walking “red flag” according to TikTok.

In modern-day culture, items of clothing or homeware have the ability to communicate a lot about a person, whether it be the brand of the item or the item itself.

According to TikTok, navy blue sheets are a tell-tale sign that a guy is a “f**k boy” – here’s why.

Eric Goldie explained: “There are far too many straight men that do not know that navy blue sheets are the biggest red flag on the planet.”

He continued: “It’s not the sheet that is the problem. It’s typically the man in the navy sheet that is the problem. This man is a f**k boy. It’s the Patagonia vest of sheets.

“It allows them to get away with not washing the sheets as frequently because you can hide stains easier.”

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The navy sheets discourse has become somewhat of a running joke among women who have encountered them on the beds of many straight men who live alone.

Other TikTokers have also hinted at the meaning with one viral video poking fun at discovering a man has navy sheets and no headboard being viewed more than 1.6 million times.


Navy sheets and no headboard. Cool.

Another clip with almost 4 million views showed a man throwing out his navy sheets and “destroying the evidence”.


Navy blue sheets? Haven’t heard that name in years #interiordesign #bedding #roomdecor #furniture

“You got to switch to burgundy,” one TikToker urged in the comments. Another suggested, “black sheet black pillows”.

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