OnlyFans star disowned by her family after they discovered her account

OnlyFans star disowned by her family after they discovered her account
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An OnlyFans star has been disowned by her own family after they discovered she was creating content on the adult platform.

Australian star Kayla Jade claimed her family cut off all contact after a male relative found her account and shared the photos in a group chat.

Jade is in the top 0.1 per cent of creators on OnlyFans having started her account a year and a half ago.

In a viral TikTok, she explained that she didn’t try to hide it from her family, but also didn’t tell them about it either.

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When her following grew larger, her friends started to see her content and it eventually came to the attention of her family members. Other than her father, who was supportive, Jade claims the rest of her family began talking behind her back.

She continued: “And then I got a message from a family member one day… just completely disowning me, not wanting anything to do with me.

“They took me off every other platform and didn’t speak to me for about a year.”


Part 1. How my family disowned me #storytime #dayinmylife

In a follow-up clip, Jade explained that it unfolded after her OnlyFans photos were posted in a family group chat.

She explained: “So he went onto my page as an anonymous person, paid for a bunch of my stuff, screenshotted it all and sent it to my family.

“Like he didn’t need to be so aggressive about it. He could have literally just told them what I did, you know? Didn’t have to send them those photos.”

Jade explained she was “absolutely fuming” and found it “so violating” to have someone she previously trusted, and thought she had a good relationship with, do something like that.


Part 2. How my family disowned me #storytime #dayinmylife

When she tried to confront her male relative about it, Jade claimed he took no responsibility for his actions, refused to admit it was him and tried to blame it on other people.

She added: “The way people treat sex workers is disgusting.”

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