People 'discover they're colour blind' thanks to viral TikTok

People 'discover they're colour blind' thanks to viral TikTok
Colour blind boy given glasses that allow him to see colour for …

A TikTok that has a filter on to show what the world looks like to people who are colour blind has caused people to ponder whether they themselves are too after believing the filter to be "normal".

Colour vision deficiency (CVD) is believed to affect 300 million worldwide, and around three million people in the UK (about 4.5% of the the country's population).

The condition where people struggle to tell various colours apart affects approximately 1 in 12 men (8 per cent) and 1 in 200 women.

Yellow, red and green are the colours which those with CVD struggle to distinguish and are known as 'red-green' colour vision.

While 'blue-yellow' deficiency does too exist where blue, greens and yellows are trickier to differentiate, this is less common.

A recent viral TikTok by Tess (@tessromie) used a filter that could filter that demonstrate how colourblind people view the world.

In text captions she wrote: "Discovering how my colour blind husband sees the world."

“I’m in shock and I’ll never recover," she added.


I’m in shock and I’ll never recover #colorblind #husband #dogvision

Since sharing the video, it now has over 3.6m views with people flocking to the comments section where they realised they too may be colourblind.

One person said: "...it literally looks normal to me."

"Yo that’s how I see," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Yeah I seriously don’t notice a thing that's different, colorblind gang."

"I'm colorblind and I literally watched the video over and over trying to figure out what they were talking about," a fourth person commented.

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