Amazing rare rainbow cloud phenomenon spotted in skies above 'China'

Amazing rare rainbow cloud phenomenon spotted in skies above 'China'

An extremely rare and beautiful rainbow cloud was spotted in the skies of Colombia and has left people in awe.

Rainbows in the sky are always a joy to see, but some lucky people in the city of Medellín, Colombia were treated to a rare cloud rainbow and the spectacle was captured on film.

A video of the stunning rainbow cloud, also known as a pileus cloud was shared on TikTok where it has been viewed over 174 million times.

The person filming zoomed in on some dark rain clouds to reveal a patch of cloud with rainbow colours of red, green, pink, and hues of blues and yellows.

Despite the TikTok hashtag saying China, the clip was actually filmed in Colombia on 6 July when the rare cloud occurred.

The scientific name for the weather phenomenon is cloud iridescence and it happens when water droplets or ice crystals individually scatter the sun’s light.

They typically occur after thunderstorms and can create pastel colours, as well as bright vivid shades.

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中国云彩中的彩虹 #china #fyp

On TikTok, viewers were blown away by the beauty of the rainbow cloud, with one user describing it as “The entrance to heaven”.

Another user said: “Yo that’s pretty cool.”

Someone else referenced the Mario Kart video game, writing: “Man found Rainbow Road.”

Other people couldn’t believe what they were seeing was real.

“No way this is real,” one TikToker wrote while adding a heart eye emoji.

It was described by someone else as being “so God damn pretty”.

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