How to try out the TikTok viral red flags filter

How to try out the TikTok viral red flags filter
Psychologists reveal biggest relationship red flags for men and women

Nobody wants to admit to themselves that they have any red flags, but a new TikTok filter is now doing it for us.

The " My Red Flags" filter is dishing out three behaviours or characteristics that could be considered to be a warning such as being a people pleaser, defensive, emotionally unstable, impatient, no saying 'thank you,' can't be alone, messy and many more.

So the list is pretty exhaustive...

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TikToker Laura Gouillion is the creator behind the filter demonstrated how it worked, as she filmed herself while each of the three red flags turned around to reveal the qualities.

"Feeling attacked by my own filter," she commented in the caption as the red flags that appear for her were messy, can't be alone and emotionally unavailable.


Replying to @Dabaozi feeling attacked by my own filter 🚩💔😳👀 #redflags #myredflags

And she's not alone as people who have tried it out for themselves have said the same thing.

One person wrote: "Its so scary how its VERY accurate."

"THIS THING CALLED ME OUTTT," another person said.

Someone else added: "Is it bad all of them were right?"

"I TRIED IT AND IT WAS SPOT ON. HELP," a fourth person commented.

Over 2.3m videos have been made as people are desperate to find out what their red flags are according to the filter - these are some of our favourite videos from this trend.


You ate that little one thing 🤏 #redflagfilters




I find this filter INVALID ✋🏾 #redflags #foryou #foryoupage #xyzbca #youdontknowme #emotionallyunstable


me literally fighting with a filter #fyp


damn >:( #redflag #redflags #yougotmethere #fyp #redflagfilter

Here is how to try out the red flags filter for yourself:

  • Simply click on a video that uses the filter
  • In the bottom left hand corner press the "My Red Flags" button
  • Then choose "Use this effect"
  • The camera should then open with the filter ready to record.

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