Bulletproof car that shoots pepper spray can survive apocalypse and the school run

Bulletproof car that shoots pepper spray can survive apocalypse and the school run
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For most parents, the biggest thing they want when purchasing a car for their families is something safe that will keep their kids protected if there was an accident or extreme weather.

Sure you can look for all-wheel drive or additional airbags, or you can opt for bulletproof glass and a pepper spray feature.

That’s what the Rezvani Vengeance offers for people looking for apocalypse-safe vehicles.

In a TikTok video posted by mobile_mama, a woman showed off the features that Rezvani Vengeance comes with when it’s customised to the highest degree.

The car, costing a whopping $285,000 at a minimum, comes with a body armored exterior and a Cadillac Escalade-like interior.

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The car can be upgraded with features that make it the ideal vehicle for any zombie apocalypse scenario like shooting pepper spray, creating a smoke screen, and strobing lights.

“For even more protection you have explosive underbody shielding, bulletproof glass, electrified door handles, military-grade run-flat tires, and a ram steel bumper,” the TikToker says.

It also can include an intercom, a built-in safe, gas masks, and of course, heated seats.


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But unless you're living in The Walking Dead, the vehicle seems a little over-the-top for everyday pickup and dropoff, especially given the price is $630,000+ with the upgrades.

People were quick to point out how some of the functions could go haywire when not needed.

"Misfiring the unlock button at after school pickup and pepper spraying my kids from the side mirrors as they're zapped by the electrified door handles I left armed," Eoin tweeted.

"The past 20 years of innovations in the automotive industry have been about making it as easy as possible for drivers to murder other people without putting themselves at risk. That and electrification in a distant second," Ned wrote.

"You can run or back over so many kids you couldn’t see in this thing," Brian tweeted.

"Having blinding lights on a vehicle made for paranoid freaks will definitely [result] in less than 0 deaths or injuries," a Twitter user said.

In the comment section on TikTok, some people pointed out that the car suits American families who have to worry about mass shootings when taking their children to school.

But with the price tag and opportunity for accidental injury on the car itself, it may be better to stick with what you have.

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