Artist on TikTok receives backlash for 'slavery themed bathroom'

Artist on TikTok receives backlash for 'slavery themed bathroom'
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An artist on TikTok has faced strong backlash over a “slavery-themed bathroom” seen in a tour of her home.

In a since-deleted post, artist and TikToker Hannah Polskin shared a video of her bathroom, showing various pieces of decoration that appeared to be influenced by African culture.

Some of the wall decor included a picture of the African-American boxer Muhammad Ali, traditional African masks and a toilet roll holder made out of chains, raising many eyebrows due to its connotations with enslaved Africans and the Atlantic slave trade.

Before it was deleted, the original video was shared by TikToker @jpgeez, who raised questions and concerns about the decor.

He said: “So, I have questions. Is this your bathroom? Did someone ask you to style the bathroom like this?

“I think the thing that I’m wondering about, and what I would imagine most people are wondering about, would be the toilet paper holder with the choice of the rest of the decor, you know.”


#greenscreen #greenscreenvideo @Hannah Polskin just curious 😅

The TikToker reasoned that on their own, the pieces of art would be fine. But, when the chains are placed amongst African pieces, the connotations of slavery are hard to ignore.

Responding to his video, one person wrote: “What in the Get Out bathroom.”

Another wrote: “Living for the British Museum aesthetic.”

Commenting on one of Polskin’s existing videos, someone asked the artist: “Btw what did you mean when you added the chain?”

Another person said: “Are we gonna discuss the bathroom theme???”

“The bathroom is actually diabolical,” one person commented.

indy100 has contacted Hannah Polskin for comment.

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