Terrifying Drake Passage footage leavers viewers feeling sick

Terrifying Drake Passage footage leavers viewers feeling sick
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People are learning about the terrifying Drake Passage, thanks to TikTok.

The Drake Passage is considered of the most dangerous bodies of water in the world, which sits between South America’s Cape Horn, Chile and Antarctica’s South Shetland Island. Travellers wanting to reach Antarctica are required to travel through the rough sea that spans 600 miles.

Well now, one clip has shared the stomach-turning travel experience to life for over 12.2 million viewers.

"Welcome to day two of our adventure to Antarctica. Today is the day we cross the Drake Passage," TikToker Natasha (@theworldpursuit) wrote as the caption.

The vlog shows snippets of the turbulent water as Natasha explains how travellers are usually greeted with a "Drake Shake" or "Drake Lake," the much calmer alternative.

Unfortunately for Natasha, she was handed the Drake Shake.

She showed as fellow passengers held on for "dear life" as they were getting breakfast and how violent waves smashed against her bedroom window.

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Replying to @Negar Nikaeein Day 2 of the Antarctica adventures #DrakePassage #Antarctica

Hundreds of terrified users flooded the clip, with one saying they got a "touch of seasickness just from watching this."

Another candidly said they would "immediately start crying".

"My intrusive thoughts would win and I would open the door," a third joked.

The video also had an educational purpose for many as some believed it to be associated with the Canadian rapper, with one writing: "Me running to comments to find out I am the only person that doesn’t know what the drake passage is lol."

Natasha's viral clip prompted many more to crop up across the platform, with one showcasing the anxiety-inducing effects at dinner.


Traveling to Antartica was wild 😵‍💫 #drakepassage #antartica

One commentator poked fun at their current FYP: "Why is everyone on the same ship going to Antarctica rn lmfao," they joked.

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