Woman branded 'insane' for taking kids to YouTuber's house unannounced

Woman branded 'insane' for taking kids to YouTuber's house unannounced
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A mom on TikTok is receiving backlash for taking her kids to their favorite YouTuber's house, apparently unannounced.

The TikToker, who goes by Sheryl Jacques, posted the video in early January, showing her taking her three sons to see the YouTuber, Stromedy.

“My 5-year-old always talks about going to Toronto, Canada to see Stromedy. So I made it happen,” Jacques wrote in her TikTok caption.

As the kids waited outside for Stromedy, whose real name is Kyle Godfrey, the mom excitedly pointed out his dog and parts of his home before he approached the door.

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Godfrey, 24, opened the door for the family asking if they were fans of his.

“Big fans! We just wanted to say hi that’s all,” the mom said after apologising.

Godfrey replied that he’d be “more than down” to take photos with the family as long as they gave him 45 minutes so he could finish filming a video.

But the mom said they were leaving to go do something. So Godfrey quickly jumped in a photo with the three boys.


My 5 year old always talks about going to Toronto Canada to see Stromedy . so I made it happen. #stromedy #kylegodfrey #primecapital #Toronto

The TikTok went viral with over a million views.

Most people criticized Jacques for intruding on Godfrey’s privacy by taking her kids to see him at his home.

“This is insane,” one commenter wrote.

“This is literally stalking,” another person said.

TikToker Cierra Mistt wrote, “When people think we’re exaggerating when we talk about how we never get privacy anymore.”

Commenters accused Jacques of being “disrespectful” and invading Godfrey’s privacy. But she defended herself in the comments and liked comments from people excusing her behavior as just "knocking on someone's door."

Godfrey commented on the TikTok “lolll”- seeming to be in good spirits about the unannounced visit.

Some commenters praised Godfrey for having a polite reaction to the family suddenly showing up at his house.

The YouTuber has over 4.7 million followers on YouTube. He often makes clickbait-like videos on scary topics like clowns, people in creepy masks, and haunted places.

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