What does 'airtight' mean on TikTok?

What does 'airtight' mean on TikTok?
Why Is ‘Loud Budgeting’ Going Viral on TikTok?
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It feels like language is changing faster than ever on TikTok, and there's a word which has come to hold new meaning over recent times.

With new terms cropping up time and again, and millenials getting them wrong, it's easy to lose track of all the latest Gen Z habits.

Now, "airtight" has come to have a whole new meaning online.

Of course, the term traditionally refers to something that's vacuum-sealed and doesn't let air in or out.

It's also used in a less literal sense to refer to arguments or plans that are comprehensive and can't be picked apart.


On TikTok, though, it means something else entirely, and it's used to refer to something that is deemed essentially perfect.

It's used to describe anything from outfits to memes and viral trends, and basically means the same as "no notes", which is used to suggest something can't be improved upon.

So, the next time you see something referred to as “airtight”, you’ll know it could be worth your time checking it out.

Of course, it’s not the only term to rise in popularity over recent times – and sometimes thing really aren’t clear and obvious to the casual user.

The popular platform has invented a string of cryptic codewords, including 401 and mascara. Both terms are often used by women on the app to talk discreetly about certain areas of their lives.

Also, another term becoming increasingly common on TikTok is "Gyatt" and while the term isn't exclusive to TikTok, it's certainly become the latest slang word making its way across the platform – but what does it mean?

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