The coded meaning behind 'gyatt' on TikTok

The coded meaning behind 'gyatt'  on TikTok
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Whether it's home inspiration, easy food tutorials, cleaning hacks, style advice, or creating a whole new vocabulary – if there's one thing TikTok doesn't lack, it's variety.

In recent months, the popular platform has invented a string of cryptic codewords, including 401 and mascara. Both terms are often used by women on the app to talk discretely about certain areas of their lives.

But now, there's a term becoming increasingly common on TikTok: "Gyatt".

While the term isn't exclusive to TikTok, it's certainly become the latest slang word making its way across the platform. Many people were left baffled by the word, forcing them to ask fellow users the definition.

The meaning is pretty straightforward. It's simply a shortened version of "god damn".

The term was seemingly first used by YouTube and Twitch streamer YourRage who would say "gyatt" whenever an attractive female would appear on his streams. Kai Cenat has also popularised the term.

The slang term has gone on to become mainstream on TikTok, with many Gen Zers using it in their videos and in comments sections.

Elsewhere, "gyatt" apparently stands for "get your act together," according to Acronym Finder. However, this isn't the commonly used way of using the word.

Meanwhile, Gen Z TikTokers have gone on to create a whole new language of their own, including the likes of:

Cheugy: When a millennial is trying too hard to be cool.

Rizz: Short for charisma, thus a 'rizzler' is someone with lots of charisma.

Suss: When something feels sketchy or suspicious.

Situationship: A romantic relationship with someone that remains undefined.

No cap: Another way of saying you're not lying.

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