Woman blocks boss for texting her while she was off work sick

Woman blocks boss for texting her while she was off work sick
Homeless woman who works full time inundated with support after Tiktok goes …

A woman has been commended for establishing boundaries with her work and personal life after she blocked her boss's number on her phone when he tried to contact her when she was off sick.

Vanessa (@wealthxlab) who posts personal finance, small business and career tips outlined in a video what happened and to explain her reasons for blocking her employer's number.

"I just blocked my boss so he couldn't contact me while I wasn't at work," she said.

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"I'm at home, sick from work today and for some reason he felt the need to text me about work tasks."

She then provided further context by revealing she pays $45 (CAD) per month to have a personal phone that is separate from work which Vanessa says her boss "knows not to text," but added that "he still does sometimes."

"So today I blocked him," the TikToker stated as she then gave a thumbs up to the camera and jokingly added the on-screen caption "*Life Hacks*".


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Vanessa continued the advice in the caption where she wrote: "Life hack. Block everyone who texts you."

Since sharing how she solved her work troubles, Vanessa's video has received 1.3m views, as well as lots of messages from people supporting her decision to block her boss while off the clock.

One person said: "I don’t blame you, he’s not your friend and you’re not working."

"My boss does this with certain coworkers they know not to text/call me about work-related tasks," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Girl, all of my blocked because they don’t respect anyone’s boundaries. Love to see it!"

"When I see work calls I just ignore it and pretend I didn’t see it. You can talk to me when I’m there not when I’m off the clock," a fourth person commented.

Countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Philippines, Canada, Argentina, India, employees have "the right to disconnect" without punishment from working and communicating with their employers during designated rest periods, The Guardian reported.

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