10 essential life-hacks from TikTok that will transform your life

<p>TikTok is the home of clever game-changing tips </p>

TikTok is the home of clever game-changing tips

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What was once an app that polarised a nation, TikTok has since grown into a global phenomenon with over 1 billion users to date.

At first, everyone treated the app with a bit of skepticism. Half of us were stuck in an ‘age limbo’ that forced us to question whether we were too old to be on the app, while some of us point-blank refused to download the ‘rip off Vine’ out of respect and loyalty for the OG millennial video app - RIP.

However, ‘did you see this on TikTok? ‘ is becoming a part of our everyday dialogue - and if the answer is ‘no, you’re automatically a social outsider. From viral routines to hilarious pranks to being a genius marketing tool, there is something for everyone.

If there’s one borderline-embarrassing thing we’ve all learned from the app, it’s that we’ve been doing life totally wrong.

Changing a duvet cover in 60 seconds

The bigger the bed, the bigger the task, and while it’s simple to admit defeat and put it off for an extra few days, duvet covers are a breeding ground for germs and dead skin cells if not washed and changed on a weekly basis.


Changing a duvet cover is just one of those dreaded chores - it takes an unnecessary amount of time, it always seems like a challenge no matter how many times you’ve done it, and putting it on alone is a whole other story.

What the video in full here.

With thanks to @missmk, the battle between you and the duvet stops here. With this genius trick, the cover is on in just three simple steps:

1) “Place duvet cover inside out on the bed and place duvet insert on top”

2) “Roll tightly until you get to the end of the duvet”

3) “Tuck the edges of the duvet into the opening - turning it inside out”

And, voila!

Cleaning your food processor without actually ‘cleaning’

A food processor is a must-have addition for any foodie’s kitchen. From chopping your fruit and veg to making your morning smoothies to lending a helping hand in perfecting seamless batter for sweet treats, they’re an incredibly efficient piece of tech.

mixer hackTikTok

While you save a notable time during the cooking process, the only arguable downfall is washing the catalogue of accessories afterward.

That’s until, this life-saving hack came along from TikTok user, Jessica Nie.

Watch the video here

In a ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moment, Jessica simply fills the processor with soapy water and blitzes the mixer for a few minutes before rinsing. Genius!

It‘s time to make a stand against stale chips

When you pop open a family-sized bag of chips, you’re faced with two options: eat the entire bag yourself or hide them away for a future date. Let’s face it, the first option is more realistic, but if you are one of the sensible few, there’s nothing worse than revisiting the chips at a later date to find that they’re stale.


Watch the full video here

By simply snipping a triangle into the bag, you can fold them up to preserve freshness and prevent them from going bad. Thanks, @ _rachael.grayce_!

We’ve been using trash bags completely wrong

We can’t say we’ve ever questioned the way we’ve been replacing our trash can liners. Like most, we simply take one out of the container, waft it around, and pop it in the can.

Watch the video here

However, this trick from @storedsimply has made us question everything. We’ve been doing it all wrong. The liners are inside out. The secret is, you put it over the trash can ‘like a hat’ then simply push through the middle.

Schedule a text for special occasions

Was anyone else today years old when they found out they could schedule a text?!

If you happen to be one of the forgetful few or live a hectic lifestyle with minimal access to your phone, this one’s a game-changer.

Watch the video by clicking here

Shared by @frankmcshan, this invaluable hack shows you the simple steps to scheduling an iPhone message, so wherever you are in the world or whatever you’re doing, you will never end up in someone’s bad book for ‘forgetting’ their special occasion again.

Painting outdoor decking in 8.5 seconds with one hand - you heard that right

Updating your outdoor area isn’t something that’s done every day and there are good reasons why - it’s expensive and takes up far too much time - plus, we only spend a mere few months a year in the garden. That was until this incredible hack came along from @dad.dancer, whose video racked up 26 million views.


Watch the full video here

In the viral video, the TikToker uses a sweeping brush and a tub of paint which appears to give a seamless and well-deserved finish. Bravo!

Don’t have any change? Unlock a shopping cart with your key

What feels illegal, but isn’t? I’ll go first... Using your key to access a shopping cart.

When you’re planning your ‘big’ weekly shop, there are a few things you must remember: your mask, reusable shopping bags, and the one we always fail to have, change for the trolley.

Watch the full video here

All you need to do, is insert the circular end of your key into the coin slot to unlock the cart. Whatever you do, make sure you take your key home with you, or risk being locked out and surrounded by defrosted food!

The quick, easy, and mess-free way to make broccoli

This hack is so genius that it racked up 4.5 million views. It turns out we’ve been cooking broccoli wrong our entire lives.

In the video, @bethanylaurenrs demonstrates how much easier it is to cut the veg after it’s been boiled - not raw as we typically know it.

See the video in full here

Shower... While cleaning the shower

Time to enter the realm of ‘cleantok’ - the hidden world of life-changing home cleaning hacks.

Click here to watch the video in full

For this clever hack, all you need is an inexpensive soap dispensing dish brush and to fill it 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 washing up soap.

Once a week, while you’re waiting for your hair mask to take action, kill two birds with one stone and give your shower a scrub in the meantime - thanks, @vaneamaro91!

Turn a paper towel into a dirt magnet

Hard floors are known to be hard to maintain. No matter how many times you sweep up, there are always stubborn bits of dirt lingering that the brush always fails to miss.


Watch the video in full here

This life-changing hack unlocks the next level of ‘cleantok’ and with 26 million views and thousands of comments, it’s since become a global phenomenon. By simply wetting a part of a paper towel, it acts as a magnet for all types of dirt.

And there you have it, the top ten life-changing hacks that are bound to make your life that little bit easier!

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