Woman doing make-up tutorial ends up with black eye after being 'assaulted by eyeliner'

Woman doing make-up tutorial ends up with black eye after being 'assaulted by eyeliner'
Person uses liquid eyeliner to decorate her eyeball!

Eyeliner can be a pain to apply when doing your makeup routine as you try to avoid it smudging - and for one woman it ended up with her getting a black eye, with the liquid also trickling out her nose too.

TikTok Holly (@hollisaur) was simply trying to film a 'GRWM' [get ready with me] when she took a close look at the winged black liner she had just done.

She commented how she "doesn't love" how clumpy the eyeliner feels on her lid and began to blink, which suddenly caused black liquid liner to spread under her eyelid and completely cover her eyeball black.

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“I was doing my makeup and making get ready with me vids for my friend when my eye was [literally] assaulted by my eyeliner [sic]," Holly described in the caption.

“Oh my God,” she said in a panic as her began to go more black. “I’ve got to take my contact out.”

But once Holly did this and cleared her eye up, the chaos continued as black liquid began to stream out of her nose - which the TikToker discovered after sniffing and wiping her nose as she noticed the strange colour that was giving her the sniffles.

“Is it coming out of my nose? Or is that from my finger?” she asked and then added “What the f***?” as she continued to blow her nose.

“Like is it in my eyeball? Did it come out? Is it still in there?” Holly asked, still dumbfounded at what had just happened.


pls take a journey with me into my traumatic afternoon #makeup #eyeliner #eyeproblems #wtf

She then removed the remaining eyeliner from her eye (not before picking out the last bits of lint that were still there) and decided to go with an eyeliner-free makeup look given trauma that just occurred.

"Guess we’re good! Guess we’re good,” Holly said, as she looked at the camera to ensure there was nothing left.

Though she did see the funny side of things as she joked: “If someone bothers me, I’ll just go [blows air out of nose] and a bunch of black s*** comes out...manifesting.”

Since sharing the dramatic (and unintentional) makeup look, Holly's video has received 6.1m views, 710,000 likes, and over 13,000 comments.

One person wrote: "You were too chill for this. I would’ve been screaming."

"Which eyeliner so I can stay far away," another person asked.

A third person added: "Your eyes drain into your nose through a little passage called the nasolacrimal duct!"

"I love how the final makeup look was ZERO eyeliner, trauma," a fourth person commented.

Someone else said: "The way I’d cancel my plans and stay in to cry."

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