The tide of public opinion is turning against Boris Johnson, so much so that he’s even getting roasted on I’m A Celebrity.

After his CBI speech yesterday went down like a cup of cold sick (because he lost his place for 25 seconds, mentioned Peppa Pig World, did an impression of a car, and pretended Mother Nature was responsible for offices - just watch it), he was comprehensively mocked, a BBC reporter asked if he was alright and now he’s triggered the derision of Ant and Dec.

Speaking about a cake used in the last segment of the show, Ant asked Dec where they had got it, causing Dec to grab a bunch of papers and pretend he had lost his place, saying “I’ve got it written down somewhere.”

“Forgive me, forgive me,” he added, appearing to mimic Johnson’s accent.

Then, ‘finding’ his place, he said he had got the cake from “Poundland”.

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When Johnson lost his place for real in the speech yesterday made to business leaders, he had used the phrase “forgive me” and also fumbled through stacks of paper.

Later, the BBC reported that senior members of the Conservative Party weren’t best pleased with their bumbling leader:

Maybe his allies will forgive him, but it seems like Ant and Dec certainly haven’t.

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