Guy wearing only his underwear spotted in background of CNBC interview

Guy wearing only his underwear spotted in background of CNBC interview
Hilarious moment naked man walks in on husband's Zoom call

An unexpected guest made an appearance on CNBC's Squawk Box after a mysterious man wearing only underwear walked in the background of a guest's Zoom.

Karen Firestone, CEO and co-founder of Aureus Asset Management, was speaking withSquawk Box anchorAndrew Ross Sorkin about investments when suddenly nearly nude man walked in the background of her video call this morning.

As the man in blue boxers walked behind her, Firestone smiled seemingly holding back a giggle while Sorkin continued to speak about the "dog days" of summer and upcoming market trajectories.

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Earlier in the segment, Firestone's dog, Perry, began barking the background leading to jokes from Sorkin about "dog days" before fall.

But it seems the nearly naked man was too much for the two to joke about as they ignored his cameo and continued speaking about the markets.

"Lol at the naked guy walking around in the background", a commenter wrote on the YouTube video of the interview.

"The laugh we need to start the week," Max tweeted.

"This is why the Nasdaq jumped 1% this morning", Chester wrote.

Since Covid forced many correspondents and interviewees to utilize Zoom and other video technology for on-air interviews, there have been a plethora of mishaps.

Notably, children and pets interrupting their parents interviews became a popular mistake that many looked forward to. But other not-so-cute mistakes have happened too like the man in his blue boxers or when a BBC interview was cut short due to an unexpected person joining the Zoom call.

Either way, being able to roll with the punches live on-air is a key skill broadcast journalists must have.

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