Celebrity Big Brother viewers brand Bradley's back-door eviction 'cruel and out of order'

Celebrity Big Brother viewers brand Bradley's back-door eviction 'cruel and out of order'
Moment Bradley Riches leaves Celebrity Big Brother in shock backdoor eviction
Celebrity Big Brother, ITV

Bradley Riches' Celebrity Big Brother exit still has viewers in a chokehold hours after the episode aired on ITVX.

On Thursday's emotional episode (21 March), celebrity finalists were treated to visits by loved ones in the garden.

Each finalist took turns spending a minute with their partner, friend or family member as fellow housemates watched on from the screen in the Big Brother house.

David Potts got to see his best friend, while Coronation Street's Colson Smith received a visit from his mother.

Louis Walsh was surprised by Sinitta who humbled him about not being nice in the house.

Fern Britton got to see her daughter, while Nikita Kuzmin had an emotional reunion with his girlfriend.

Last but not least, it was Riches' turn...

The snippet showed the actor sitting patiently in the garden, visibly excited to be greeted by a loved one.

Instead, the lights dimmed and he was faced with CBB presenter AJ who told him he's been evicted.

Fortunately, Riches was able to go back into the house one last time to say his goodbyes.

Hugging other contestants, he said: "I love you all so much, it's fine! I've had the best time, I really have, thank you all so much. I'm so proud of myself."

A crying Fern said: "So you should be, we're all proud of you."

However, viewers found it "cruel" and slammed the episode as "out of order."

One even suggested: "Whoever scripted this needs the sack."

A third wrote: "Poor Bradley, that was so harsh."

Another added: "Not going to lie, this was savage!"

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