GB News host’s report on Daniel Khalife’s arrest results in painful TV blunder

GB News host’s report on Daniel Khalife’s arrest results in painful TV blunder
GB News host struggles to break news of Daniel Khalife's arrest
GB News

One GB News presenter suffered what can only be described as a breaking news breakdown on Saturday, as news broke that the Metropolitan Police had apprehended and re-arrested escaped fugitive Daniel Khalife in Chiswick.

Martin Daubney, the former Brexit Party and Reclaim Party politician who has also worked for the News of the World and out-of-print magazines such as FHM and loaded, was tasked with sharing the news during GB News Saturday.

Everything that follows is exactly what Daubney said as he tried to make sense of the news – brace yourself.

“But first, it’s the news headlines … No, it’s not, we’re going straight to me, this is breaking news, it’s fast happening.

“Because as we’ve just said, the epic- the terror man… it’s all gone wrong,” he said, rushing to grab a sheet of paper to attempt to get a hold of the situation and seemingly muttering the f-word under his breath amid the disaster.

He continued: “It’s here. Chip Chapman, we have him coming up soon on the arrest of the terror suspect. He escaped from Wandsworth prison, he has been apprehended, it’s all coming up on GB News, with our first guest.

“Here it is, police have escape- have arrested prisoner Daniel Khalife. Beg your pardon, we’ll get the autocue in the right place, this story is just happening.

“Joining me now for the latest is GB News home security editor Mark White. Are you there, Mark?”

Needless to say, he was not, as Daubney mixed up the order of guests.

“It’s Chip Chapman, we have Chip Chapman, army for the army and former head of counter-terrorism, Major-General Chip Chapman,” he clarified.

The excruciating minute-long mishap went viral on social media immediately:

Daubney is yet to address the blunder, taking to Twitter/X after the programme to tweet about football.

Don’t worry, Martin, I don’t think anyone noticed…

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