John Oliver asks Fox News host: 'What the f*** is wrong with you?'

John Oliver rips into Madison Cawthorn: 'One of the stupidest things I …

It’s not a Last Week Tonight episode if John Oliver isn’t screaming at someone.

On Sunday night, Oliver yelled at some conservative personalities after they complained about the lack of attention East Palestine, Ohio is getting since the train derailment.

“What the f*** is wrong with you?!” Oliver said in response to a clip of Fox News hosts Jesse Watters and Rachel Campos-Duffy talking about the train derailment.

Many conservatives, including Watters and Campos-Duffy, have criticised lawmakers, activists, and celebrities for not bringing attention to East Palestine where residents are concerned for their health and safety after potentially hazardous chemicals leaked into their air, water, and soil.

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“Think about the environmental activists and corporate America, they weren’t there. I mean this, for the activists, this is an Erin Brockovich moment. I mean there was a blockbuster Oscar-winning movie written about something like this,” Campos-Duffy said to Watters.

Watters responded, “Erin Brockovich is actually in East Palestine tonight right now.”

But Campos-Duffy wasn’t satisfied with the environmental activist just being there.

“She is, she is but where is Julia Roberts?” Campos Duffy asked.

Oliver blasted Campos-Duffy for her question saying, “What are you talking about? You realize Julia Roberts is an actor right? She was pretending, she’s not actually Erin Brockovich.”

Roberts played Brockovich in the 2000 film Erin Brockovich which highlighted the environmental activists' work to bring justice to the residents of Hinkley, California after their groundwater was contaminated.

Oliver mocked Campos-Duffy by referencing some of Roberts’ other films.

“Also, I can’t believe I’m the one that has to break this to you, she didn’t actually ruin her best friend’s wedding ( My Best Friend's Wedding) , she’s not a sex worker ( Pretty Woman) , and she did not die in a small Louisana town in 1989 ( Steel Magnolias) ,” Oliver said.

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