People cannot believe how contestants are eliminated from ‘The Love Trap’ dating show

People cannot believe how contestants are eliminated from ‘The Love Trap’ dating show
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A new dating show on Channel 4 is quickly winning fans as people cannot believe how contestants are being eliminated from the competition.

The Love Trap, debuted last month and features 12 women attempting to win the affections of the eligible bachelor, David Birtwistle.

There is a twist though as only half of the women are actually hoping to win over Birtwistle’s emotions, while the other six are already in relationships and are only on the show for the money and it is up to Birtwistle to try and figure out who is for real and who isn’t.

This all sounds fairly rudimentary practice for a dating show but the clue to what has compelled viewers is all in the title, really. At the end of each episode, Birtwistle has to choose one of three women to eliminate from the contest. This literally involves them standing on what, at first, appears to be circular rugs.

However, they aren’t rugs at all. They are trap doors and the eliminated woman literally plunges into the abyss below to never be seen again (we’re sure they are fine – this isn’t Squid Game).

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A clip for a recent episode of the show has gone viral in the United States with Americans stunned at just how absurd and dare we say hilarious the eliminations are.

Just in case you are wondering, the woman in the clip, Cherie, is perfectly fine and she was ‘the love trap’ after all so you have to say that it was some good sleuthing from Birtwistle.

Presenter Joel Dommett is apparently “super proud” of the show as he loves “lying, love, and trap doors.”

Consider us a fan.

The Love Trap airs every Wednesday night on Channel 4.

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