Boris Johnson's father walks off set after Piers Morgan quizzes him about his son

Boris Johnson's father walks off set after Piers Morgan quizzes him about his son
Stanley Johnson defends Boris and partygate scandal

Piers Morgan hasn't had the best time with his new TV show what with its dwindling audience and it got a whole lot worse when Stanley Johnson was interviewed yesterday.

The two had been discussing the lows and lows of Johnson's son, Boris Johnson and his leadership and the consequences of Patygate which have so far seen him fined and almost lose a no-confidence vote.

Unsurprisingly, Johnson senior defended his son's record and Morgan bit back until Johnson had enough and left.

“It’s about having a party which breaks its own law when he was telling other people, ‘You can’t do this.’ It’s the doing one thing, and preaching another,” Morgan explained. “He broke his own law Stanley.”

Johnson replied: “Come on Piers… OK. I think that it is time to move on from that.”

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“You know, it was a situation where, yes, he had a drink… he had a glass in his hand and that is it. And that was the end of it."

He continued, “As far as I’m concerned, it’s high time we moved on to things which really matter, the things he is doing now.”

After the exchange, Morgan brought the interview to a close, saying, “It is great to see you, [and] as always an effervescent presence.”

“You are a cheater, I’ve got to tell you Piers,” Johnson told the host. “You know, you lured me in here.”

Before the talk show host could cut to the commercial break, Stanley got up out of his seat and walked off the set.

"Tell Boris to come in soon," Morgan said as he left. "We'd have fun."

We doubt they would.

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