Six shows that get more views than Piers Morgan: Uncensored

Six shows that get more views than Piers Morgan: Uncensored
Piers Morgan called c*** live on air

Things have not been going well at Piers Morgan: Uncensored towers.

The host, Morgan obviously, has been called a "c***" by one of his guests, been mocked for interviewing a spokesperson from the Taliban, and his views? They are dwindling.

Yes, it turns out that Morgan isn't a maligned victim of cancel culture, muzzled by the mainstream media after all. People just don't want to watch him and latest figures show his Wednesday audience was a meagre 24,000, which for evening telly really isn't much at all.

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To put that into context, here are six shows and videos that have outperformed Morgan.

1. Nigel Farage's GB News show

On the same day and slot, Farage boring on and on GB News got him 99,500 views, almost four times the number Morgan got. You know you have a problem when you are being beaten by GBeebies...

2. Snooker

3.19m people tuned in to watch the World Snooker Championship final on May 2nd on BBC2 between Ronnie O'Sullivan and Judd Trump. Fair enough, we'd rather watch people pot balls into pockets than listen to Morgan, too.

3. The Jubilee Pudding: 70 Years in the Baking

A BBC 1 show about a pudding which aired on 12 May attracted 2.33m viewers, showing cake and the monarchy is a combination Morgan just can't beat.

4. A journalist's underpants

Really. Earlier this month Morgan's viewing figures fell to 62,000. It seemed embarrassing at the time but how little we knew about how much worse they would get...

As an experiment, journalist Otto English posted a video of his pants falling in slow motion to see if it would get more views.

It did - over half a million people tuned in to see his undergarments fly.

5. Jonathan Van Ness' tips for good hair

A video of Queer Eye legend Jonathan Van Ness sharing seven tips for health hair has received almost 350,000 views on YouTube. As it should.

6. James O'Brien's LBC show

Despite it airing while many people are surely at work, James O'Brien's radio show massively outperforms Morgan's show.

Awkward news for Morgan to contend with indeed.

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