15 top reactions to last night's episode of The Apprentice

15 top reactions to last night's episode of The Apprentice

The Apprentice 2022 candidates


As the 16th series of The Apprentice got underway after a three-year hiatus, fans have been thoroughly entertained.

This week's episode in particular got people talking with a surprise firing, funny task and another shock exit setting the internet alight.

Spoilers ahead...

The task saw the candidates coming up with their own non-alcoholic drinks and involved sub-teams concocting the drink whilst others worked on the branding.

But before they even got the task underway, contestant Shama Amin announced she was leaving the process as she was struggling with the physicality of taking part due to rheumatoid arthritis.

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One of the few contestants showing actual business acumen, someone on Twitter joked: “When you’re so sick of these contestants that you fire yourself.”

The drama didn’t end there as predictably the boardroom and subsequent firing delivered some iconic moments.

Team PM Sophie decided to bring the only the other boys in the team back to the boardroom which already raised some eyebrows.

But it was when she was asked by Lord Sugar which of the two should be fired that she really injected some drama with an unnecessarily long pause before declaring, “both”.

One person wrote: “Sophie's delivery in this moment was *chef's kiss*. Get her in Eastenders ASAP.”

Another said: “Sophie pausing like she’s about to announce the winner of The X Factor.”

Ultimately, Lord Sugar decided it was Navid’s time to leave the process – a decision that didn’t go down too well with viewers.

Despite his dismissal, there was still time for Navid to inject some of his trademark hilarity. In the taxi home, he said: “You know what, this playboy has not finished yet. I’ve still got a lot left in me, okurrr.”

Someone posted the clip and joked: “The yassification of “you’re fired.”

Another person wrote: “the thought of the majority of The Apprentice’s BBC demographic watching Navid say “okurrrr” in his exit is sending me under.”

Bring on next week’s chaos.

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