'The Last of Us' fans spot how Joel and Sarah were nearly infected in first episode

'The Last of Us' fans spot how Joel and Sarah were nearly infected in first episode
‘The Last Of Us’ Zombie Virus Is Very Real

HBO’s new show The Last of Us is proving to be a hit with audiences thanks to its massive fanbase from the video game it’s based on.

Already, fan accounts are taking note of the details the show has included to make it come to life, including how the main characters evaded contracting the zombifying infection.

In the first episode, we’re introduced to Joel (Pedro Pascal), his brother Tommy (Gabriel Luna), and Joel’s daughter Sarah (Nico Parker).

It takes place in 2003, just as the fungal infection, called cordyceps, is beginning to take over the world and infect people thus turning them into zombie-like creatures.

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At the start of the show, viewers realize Joel, Sarah, and Tommy have somehow evaded contracting the infection. While first-time viewers may not have noticed this detail that explains it, fans of the video game realized showrunners used a moment from the video game in the show.

In the prologue of the video game, Sarah can pick up a newspaper in the house that announces how hospitalizations of people with the infection have spiked due to “contaminated crops.”

VGS - Video Game Sophistry / YouTube

In the show, Sarah offers to make pancakes for Joel’s birthday, however, Joel forgot to pick up pancake mix.

Then the group does not eat a plate of cookies made for them because they contain raisins.

The small detail explains how the group managed to not get infected- they did not eat any food made with wheat, a crop that was likely affected by the fungal infection.

Several people on Twitter share the revelation with others.




With details like this included in the show, fans are excited to see what the show will do in the coming episodes.

Episode two premieres Sunday, 22 January.

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