Wheel of Fortune contestant's controversial answer shocks viewers

Wheel of Fortune contestant's controversial answer shocks viewers
Wheel of Fortune contestant speaks out after controversial final round
Wheel of Fortune, ABC; Good Morning America, ABC

A Wheel of Fortune contestant left the audience stunned with his X-rated guess at an answer and the moment has now gone viral.

Under the pressure of the moment, quiz show contestants occasionally come out with some frankly bizarre answers, like The Weakest Link US contestant who went viral with his hilarious wrong answer to a Martin Scorsese question, leading to some highly embarrassing moments.

One man who can now join that unique club is Tavaris Williams, who was a contestant on the US quiz Wheel of Fortune and certainly made his five minutes of fame count.

In one part of the show, contestants were tasked with guessing the phrase puzzle as letters are gradually filled in.

The board consisted of a four word phrase, and the letters on show were, “_ _ _ _ _N T_E _ _ _T!”

It was at that point that Williams confidently buzzed in, guessing the answer was, “Right in the butt!”.

The audience members began audibly laughing, while one of his fellow contestants exclaimed, “What!”. Host Pat Sajak simply replied, “No”.

Unsurprisingly, a clip of the incident quickly went viral on X/Twitter and it seems the moment will go down in quiz show infamy.

“I can feel this actively rewiring my brain. Off first watch I could tell this is something I'll be saying for years,” one person wrote.

Another said: “This clip will go in the Game Show Hall of Fame.”

Someone else commented: “The ‘WHAT?!’ right after is sending me. Also Pat’s ‘no’ with all the judgement.”

“I am HOWLING dude it doesn’t even fit,” one X/Twitter user pointed out.

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