Man shamed for giving a $1000 tip knowing full well that it will get declined

Man shamed for giving a $1000 tip knowing full well that it will get declined

Viral TikTok Sparks Debate About Tipping

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A man has committed a tipping no-no by sharing how he jokingly tipped $1,000 on a $30 tab with the knowledge it would not go through - and people are not happy.

TikToker Jermaine (@xmaine24) had finished up his meal and decided to have some fun with the bill when it came by leaving a $1,000 tip on the receipt. Footage from the clip, showing him writing down the four-figure sum on the receipt.

However, all was not what it seemed as Jermaine wrote in the video text overlay: "Best believe this will decline but it's the thought that counts."

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So basically, the waiter who served him is going to be disappointed to learn their very generous tip is non-existent.


I don’t wanna hear it’s not 🅿️ 😂 #CloseYourRings #ArbysDiabloDare #viral #fyp

Since sharing his tipping joke, the TikToker has received over 280,000 views, as well a couple of thousand likes and comments from people berating Jermaine for this move and also pointed out unless the TikToker has restrictions on his account then his generous tip will go through.

One person said: "It’ll actually overdraft your card lol"

"It won't decline it will go thru and you'll be in debt," another person wrote.

Others made their feelings clear that they didn't agree with the move - even if it was a joke.

One person wrote: "Not cool. My coworker had the same thing happen to her and she got taxed like crazy even though she had to give the money back."

"I don’t go out to eat unless I can afford to tip 20 per cent," another person said, to which the TikToker defended himself in the comments and insisted that he does tip when he eats out, he replied: "I over tip in cash so that they don’t get taxed."

Someone else added: "You’re proving to be a real good citizen. I guess New Yorkers live up to their name with you huh?

In response to this, Jermaine provided some further details on what he actually tipped in cash at the time and said: "My bill was $30 and I left a $20 tip so I guess I am."

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