Picture: Sony Entertainment/Youtube
Picture: Sony Entertainment/Youtube

Snapchat has become a bastion of the strange and the hilarious.

We've dipped into it once more and come out with eleven Snapchat images from across the internets that are equal parts funny and weird:

1. The one where your dentist looks like Drake... or is that a face swap? Who knows?

Picture: Davidfosterflawless/Tumblr

2. The box emoji

Picture: Memewhore/Tumblr

3. "When red light shows, wait here." Fairly sure the sign is aimed at cars...

Picture: thedrck/Reddit/Tumblr

4. Get out

Picture: Doingitforthevine/Tumblr

5. Terminator? Where are you? The microwave has been activated

Picture: xeio87/Reddit/Tumblr

6. Minestrone?

Picture: mystiquemonique/Tumblr

7.Some things cannot be unseen

Picture: Dannyjr6/Tumblr

8. Oh snap

Picture: Uriels/Tumblr

9. Who is Tim and why did he do it?

Picture: Lukeypukey5sos

10. Art re-imagined

Picture: mens-frights-activists/Tumblr

11. Art re-imagined 2.0

Picture: iraffiruse/Tumblr
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