A couple lost their wedding ring and it turned up in the most unlikely of places

Raising a child is full of challenges, and apparently stopping them from eating jewellery is one of them.

Redditor Iamclarkgriswold posted an image to Imgur, which spun an eloquent yarn as to the whereabouts of his wife's lost wedding ring.


Commenters on the r/pics subreddit were quick to praise the couple's quick thinking in getting an X-ray, after looking around their flat, which revealed the ring in their baby's digestive system.

The user purporting to be Clark Griswold, namesake of Chevy Chase's National Lampoon character, said his child was not in much pain:

He's actually shown no signs of discomfort at all.

Now we dissect each diaper like 5th grade science class.

Griswold's upbeat attitude...

Shit happens, hopefully soon with diamonds.

...has paid off - the user has revealed the child has indeed passed the ring.

We should warn you that the image is of exactly what you'd expect, before you click.

Here's to the couple having found (and we really hope cleaned) the missing ring!

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