A 'giant clitoris' has appeared in a field in France - and everyone knows how it got there

Picture:(Marie-Noëlle Lanuit and Jean-Claude Piquard)

A crop circle has appeared in southern France, and for a refreshing change, everyone knows who made it and what it's supposed to resemble.

According to the Local, a crop circle that resembles a clitoris has been created in a field in Montferrier-sur-Lez, near to Montpellier.

No this isn't a playful comment on how aliens dreamt up by male sci-fi writers all seem to resemble lady parts.

The 120 metre long crop circle is adjacent to the Saint Joseph Pierre Rouge school, and this proximity is key to its message.

The giant clitoris has been created to stimulate a debate about sexual education. Sexologists Marie-Noëlle Lanuit and Jean-Claude Piquard have created the huge crop circle to protest the lack of attention being paid to the clitoris.

Lanuit and Piquard say that it's absence from biology lessons and sexual education is oppressive, and needs correcting.

Speaking to Midi-Libre, Lanuit said:

The clitoris still has no visibility in biology textbooks. Either it’s absent or it is included but with no mention that it is the organ of female pleasure,

The pair argue that the taboo in the scienfic community regarding female sexual pleasure must be brought to an end.

The huge clitoris shaped crop circle is due to host a demonstration on Sunday at 11am, to which Lanuit and Piquard invite women to come dressed in red, in order to represent the nerve endings of the tip of the glans.

Quite the close encounter. Then again, maybe men will have less trouble finding this one.

HT The Local

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