A toddler reportedly locked his mum's iPhone for 47 years


There’s usually a point where, your friend or significant other locking your phone goes from being cute (locks it for a few minutes) to being downright annoying (more than an hour).

A toddler in Shanghai reportedly locked his mum’s phone for 25 million minutes.

Or, equivalently, 47 years.

That's way past the realm of annoying.

Hear that? It’s the collective groans of every iPhone user in the world.

The little boy’s mum gave him the phone in order to watch a few fun videos, the South China Morning Post reports.

Children being children, he somehow managed to lock the phone, and after what we’re assuming were hundreds of incorrect password attempts, managed to lock the phone,

A phone technician was quoted on, where the news originally appeared, that there had been a case of an iPhone being locked for 80 years.

According to the Apple website, if your device has been disabled, you’re probably going to have to erase everything on it. This can be done either with iTunes or using recovery mode.

And if you haven't backed up everything on iCloud, well, that's too bad.

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