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There are some people in the world who we really have to question why they say and do certain things - and one of those is Sky News broadcaster, Adam Boulton.

In recent appearances on Sky, Boulton has confused Latvia with Lithuania and also called an Extinction Rebellion protestor 'middle class' and 'incompetent'.

Now he is taking to moaning about people reading books. Well, sort of.

On Tuesday, he responded to a tweet by author and book critic, Andy Miller, who shared a picture of the 21 books that he has read in April, which is impressive but not entirely inconceivable.

Boulton responded to this with a compliment which also doubled up as a thinly veiled dig at Miller.

We're not sure what Boulton was trying to convey here, but it didn't work out and he soon found himself being ridiculed on social media.

Things got worse when the editor of The Spectator, Fraser Nelson, got involved and admitted that he has similar trouble reading that amount of books, especially with Twitter being around.

This prompted Miller to reply, to the editor of a publication he writes for, and point exactly what his job is.

Boulton then replied to Miller and it just wasn't going to get any better, was it?

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