Sky News presenter confuses Latvia with Lithuania when talking to the Latvian ambassador

The Baltic states consist of three countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

They sit just above Poland and below Finland and are becoming popular holiday destinations for those looking for a getaway that is a bit different to the usual spot in the Mediterranean.

Besides their close proximity to each other, it's pretty hard to confuse any of these nations as they don't sound alike and all have pretty distinctive flags.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case for Sky News presenter Adam Boulton on Monday, who managed to call Latvia 'Lithuania' when interviewing the Latvian ambassador Baiba Braze on live television.

When speaking to the ambassador about what Latvia stands to lose from Brexit, Boulton asked:

And from a national perspective, Lithuania, what do you lose from Brexit, if I can put it that way?

A shocked Braze then corrected Boulton by adding:

Lativa, you mean?

An apologetic Boulton immediately corrected himself:

Latvia, sorry, I was reading the list there.

These sort of mistakes happen all the time, right? Only a few weeks ago, Jeremy Hunt claimed that Slovenia used to be part of the Soviet Union, which it blatantly wasn't.

Although it was only a slip of the tongue, Twitter didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

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