Adele teased fans with a new song and it has already become a perfect meme

Adele teased fans with a new song and it has already become a perfect meme

Singer Adele delighted fans around the globe as she posted a teaser clip of new music across her social media channels.

It comes six years after she released her album 25 in 2015 and the clip suggested her long-awaited comeback will end with the single ‘Easy On Me’ which will be released on 15th October.

The 20-second clip for the new single showed the British singer placing a cassette tape into the player in a car and driving off down a dirt road.

It immediately went viral, as it was finally confirmed that the singer’s hiatus would be coming to an end.

But, it also prompted a new meme to be created, as people dubbed songs over the top of the clip as suggestions of what Adele could be listening to.

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Some suggestions included Cardi B’s song ‘WAP’, the incredibly catchy Drag Race track ‘Bing Bang Bong’ and the cultural phenomenon that is Britney.

Others picked up on other moments from the clip, in which we only see Adele’s face, including her iconic winged eyeliner, for a brief moment in a rear-view mirror.

In one part, sheets of music are flying out of the window as the car drives along.

One person joked: “Adele took so long to come back cause she lost half of her new album in the move.”

Adele’s teaser video has been viewed 13.3 million times in less than 24 hours on Twitter alone.

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