Adin Ross smashes streaming records with 'Kim Jong Un' interview

Adin Ross smashes streaming records with 'Kim Jong Un' interview
Adin Ross claims he will interview Kim Jong-un on his stream
Adin Ross, Kick

Kick streamer Adin Ross successfully fooled fans after claiming to have secured an interview with Kim Jong Un leading to a reported record for the platform.

Earlier this week during a live stream, Ross said he had the North Korea leader "locked in" for chat which will go live in the next 48 hours.

He claimed US officials had warned him against the so-called interview, saying: "We definitely got government officials hitting up my legal team. No, I swear to god, it's not that. It got millions of views on Twitter and it's on TikTok and s**t. They see everything! The government sees everything."

He continued: "They saw and hit up, basically, my team and they just let me know there could be consequences for this. You know?"

Ross even shared a list of planned questions he intended to ask the leader, including:

  • Thoughts on LGBT?
  • Can you give Stake money back?
  • React to Andrew Tate.
  • Visit North Korea?
  • Add Yeonmi Park to call.
  • Trump vs. Biden.
  • USA better than North Korea.
  • E-date?
  • Fake n*tsack prank.

On the day of his scheduled interview, Ross' viewers soared with over 333,506 fans tuning in to get a glimpse of 'Kim Jong Un', who turned out to be none other than Howard X, an impersonator.

Later in the stream, Ross invited Andrew Tate into the stream – who was just as confused as everyone else.

"Let me tell you all a story," Tate said. "You know like I had no money at all and I was growing up in Luton on a council estate with a single mother and no money?"

"I had all these dreams of what I'd do if I ever got rich, 'Andrew, if you make hundreds of millions of dollars, you're gonna do this, you're gonna do that,'" he continued. "Turns out, I go to Romanian jail and get woken up at three in the morning by Adin Ross to come and talk to a Kim Jong Un impersonator."

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